What We Do.


We specialize in changing the way you and your client experience medical procedures through virtual reality (VR). The founder of Luna VR is a registered nurse, who created the company because of a need she saw in her patients struggling to cope with needles daily. Over 20% of our population suffers from having a fear of needles/ medical procedures. That is 7,341,000 of you that have actual thoughts and concerns about going to the doctor and getting vaccines.


One issue that adults with these fears have is unknowingly passing on their concerns and anticipated anxiety on to their children. These thoughts can inevitably change how children see, fear, and think about the medical system.  


We want to change this and "CHANGE the way you see health care." Virtual reality and pain are being extensively studied by doctors and scientists, especially with children. Research has already found that VR is proven to decrease the fear associated with medical procedures and slow down how quickly the pain receptors respond when using it. 


Let us show you what we can do! Click on the "Book Now" button below and let us know about your company. Demos for children's VR vaccine app will begin in June 2019 and will be ready to use in your company as early as July 2019! Teen and adult experience to come in Winter 2019.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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