"Changing the way you SEE health care."


Let your child immerse themselves in a magical world, where they become superheroes and help a girl and her dog with their task of saving a village.


Scientists and doctors all over the world are researching how VR can be used to decrease pain and help children cope with the pain they experience. 


One research study conducted by American Doctor Chad Rudnick found that for participants aged 6-17 years old, using VR while getting a vaccine decreased their actual and anticipated fear by 94%! 


Find out which locations offer our product and change the way your child sees health care!


Do you feel anxious or nervous about getting a vaccine? Does your fear inhibit your ability to receive medically necessary procedures?


The future of Luna VR will specialize in helping adults cope with intravenous (IV) catheter insertions, immunizations, phlebotomy and other medically necessary procedures. 


The Adult VR experience will be ready by the Spring of 2020. However, you can still go to any of the doctors, businesses, or private companies that offer our product and use the kids VR vaccine app. You will be amazed!

Where is Luna VR Offered?

Companies will begin offering our product for the general population in September 2019. We WILL be ready for influenza season! Please click on the button below to let us know about you and how we can help you experience Luna VR!

Let Us Help You.


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